“Geography is everywhere, so everyone should know about it.”

This is the ethos that the Geography department lives by at our Academy, and we put as much of this as possible into our lessons.  Geography is all around us and is relevant to all our lives.

The main aim of studying Geography is to develop an understanding of the big ideas and events that shape the world. Geography enables students to become successful learners who have an understanding of issues at different scales and who can make sense of the world around them. Many of the issues studied in Geography are linked to other subjects, such as Climate Change, the economy and ecosystems. Through the study of Geography, students will gain important knowledge and understanding to help them deal with situations and issues in the future.

In addition to learning geographical skills, such as analysing data and the use of GIS, students will also develop their Personal Learning and Thinking Skills enabling them to become:

  • Independent Enquirers
  • Creative Thinkers
  • Reflective Learners
  • Team Workers
  • Self Managers
  • Effective Participators

Our geography department aims to provide a rich and varied curriculum, which is relevant to students’ lives and geographical issues in the 21st Century. It aims to inspire a sense of awe and wonder and students will be able to make sense of the rapidly changing world around them, understanding their place within it.