Many different strategies are used to teach a subject that is as expansive and as detailed as History.

These methods are highly practical and visually stimulating for students, as our staff believe that to physically see the history of the world for themselves is the best way to learn.

These methods will include:

  • Educational visits
  • Personal research
  • Source based exercises
  • Use of media and associated techniques
  • Self and peer assessment

Staff will also make use of past examination papers to prepare students for their real exams, and give an idea of the ways in which they will be expected to record and present information in an historical context.  As a whole, over the course of their studies students will be able to build their experience and knowledge, as well as their experience in expressing ideas in writing and the skill to analyse historical fact.

These skills are an advantage in occupations such as journalism, law, public relations, librarianship, social work and nursing.