Information and Communications Technology is a rapidly evolving subject in which constant advances in computers and control technology demand ever changing skills and knowledge from users. 

Computers are now part of everyday life and the prognosis is that they will become even more important in the future as the human and computer symbiotic relationship develops further.

A selection of the variety of aspects of IT that students will cover include:

Creating computer graphics

Creating video

Creating animation for the WWW

Webpage creation

Desktop publishing

Spreadsheets – design and use

Database – design and use

Functional Skills in ICT

The policy of this school is to provide every student with the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in ICT as part of a balanced curriculum. 

Those who wish to pursue employment in the ICT sector will really enjoy the IT program we offer, particularly in job roles where they will be expected to use ICT skills, liaise with users and carry out ICT support roles.