Media studies

Before we became an academy, our school, previously known as Maryhill High School, became a specialist Media Arts College in September 2004, to much fanfare and intrigue.  The move brought some fantastic specialist media equipment, much of which is used as standard in the film and TV industry. 

Technical support became available to all subject areas, including DTP, video and audio, as well as full access to state-of-the-art radio and TV stations.  This has left a long-standing legacy to make Media Studies one of the most exciting subjects students can take.

In short, Media Studies involves the study of how and why media products are created.  The subject is taught through a range of activities – some practical and some theory.  You will be taught skills in planning and design, as well as using cameras and iMacs. You will then use these skills to produce your coursework.  Finally you have the chance to evaluate your work, which means you can comment on what you have learnt and how you could improve your work further.