Why take photographs? What makes a good photograph?

These are just a few of the questions that our Photography course aims to give students the ability to answer, using a range of exciting new skills that can be found, developed and perfected using a variety of new technology and practical methods to approaching photography and photographical editing.

In this subject, students will be taught how to be creative, versatile and independent and expressing these in their own personal and unique style, resulting in acquiring the knowledge of how to follow a creative process fully developing your own ideas to a successful end product.

The photography program encourages and informs students of the skills and techniques to learn:

  • How the formal elements of Art, Design and Photography are used in your coursework.
  • How to present you images and ideas.
  • In depth acts about different Photographers.
  • How to talk, write, analyse and respond to your chosen contextual links.
  • How to assess your work as it is produced so that you can adapt, refine and move on.
  • How to link your ideas to famous/iconic images, people and places.

Through learning these ideas and methods, students will develop their own personal and unique ways of working that give their project individuality and originality, and the ability to make themselves and their photographs stand out from the crowd.  Excellent attendance, good organisational and time management skills are needed if you are to achieve your true potential.