PACE is how we study Citizenship and PSHEE. Citizenship is taught in lessons and PSHEE is taught largely through our PACE days. In 2012, our PACE days were repackaged as SMSC days, to ensure that all students have a full Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural experience on these collapsed timetable days.

Students will have a PACE and Religious Education lesson every week. In this lesson they will learn and begin to understand a range of issues that will affect you as you grow older and move into adulthood, with specific information and subject matter tailored to each year group to focus on what matters most to them, with issues in the world and their life stage.

The issues that we cover will be under the following areas:

  • Citizenship
  • Personal and Social Development
  • Health Awareness
  • Economic Well Being
  • Employability
  • Ethics

Alongside these lessons, students will have several enrichment days.  These will be a day off timetable to allow them to work with invited guests and organisations that specialise in the areas described above.  The issues and activities that we will work on during these days will enhance and develop students as an individual and help prepare them for life after the Academy and beyond.